Monday, April 19, 2010

How it all started

I am a beginner with electronics, microcontrollers, robots, LEGOs... you name it. But I want to learn! So a couple years back when I decided to get on with it, I looked around and found David Cook's Robot Building for Beginners (the older edition) and I was hooked. Bought it, read it, built the robot. It was my very first project that I actually finished - with others before I got to a certain point and then I figured, the rest of it is easy, just put it in a box, add wheels and it will work - wrong! as I discovered there are a lot of challenges to have a fully functional project done and working 100%.

The experience and the amount of learning was great! I figured the next step was to build a robot using a microcontroller. I started playing with ATmega's and TI's MSP430 and again I learned a lot but never finished a robot.

That's when I got a LEGO Mindstorms NXT for Christmas. Talk about really awesome! I am only starting to scratch the surface regarding programing the NXT (learning NXC right now), communicating with it (trying to learn Bluetooth communication) but it looks great.Hopefully I'll be able to do some cool projects that I will share here.

Welcome and thanks for reading!

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