Monday, April 19, 2010

A great book and a solution to my Bluetooth problem

A few weeks ago I've seen in a local bookstore Daniele Benedettelli's Creating Cool MINDSTORMS NXT Robots book and I loved it from the moment I opened it. I purchased a copy and started reading it and immediately I was very happy with it: the way theory aspects are presented and explained, the building instructions, the code, everything is really accessible.

One thing I am really grateful for are the steps for connecting the NXT brick to the PC via Bluetooth. I tried to do this before following the steps in the Mindstorms docs (initiating the connection from the brick) and even if the NXT connected fine with the PC, the Mindstorms software could not see it. I gave up thinking the BT driver on my computer is somehow unable to connect properly. After following the steps in the Appendix in this book (and initiated the connection from the BT device manager on the PC) I was able to connect not only the Bricxx IDE but also the Mindstorms software. This is a huge breakthrough - no more wires that need to be connected to load the program and disconnected later to run it. Just this simple aspect makes purchasing this book great, at least for me!

Those of you that don't have this book but have problems connecting via Bluetooth can find help in John Hansen's article on

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